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When it came time to sell my old Audi, I didn’t think I could get more than what the Blue Book listed, Klassic Image proved me wrong. My friend Jeremy recommended I get it detailed first at Klassic Image before even trying to sell it I hesitated for a while than decided what the hell. I was absolutely blown away by the phenomenal job they did as it looked like it was repainted WOW it was shiny and clean - I ended up keeping the car for an additional six months! When I finally decided to let go of the car for good I happily got $2500 over Blue Book with very little haggling in price. I was elated by the value a detail made for me and the buyer. Thanks for your support and integrity to get the maximum return in the sale of my car, your really a craftsman that knows his trade!!
- Jim Splinter / Fort Collins – 4 year customer

Klassic Image is truly a reflection of the old traditional values of doing things well, otherwise your spinning your wheels, so the owner says. My experience with this unique detail shop has made me a loyal patron realizing HOW RARE it is to find a business that’s so dedicated to excellence. Most shops quote a price and don’t even come close to the results I’ve gotten from Klassic Image. Mikel, has exceeded my expectations as he really makes you a believer in what he does, he speaks with conviction knowing his craft like a true master in his field. My car never looked so darn good and even when it’s dirty it still looks great. I’m jazzed to be one of his loyal subjects, nobody spends the time they do giving such excellence. Don’t confuse his talents with the dealership, or car wash pricing, there’s NO comparison he knows much more than they do and it shows.
- G. Hallaren / Littleton, CO – New customer since ‘08

I’ve been bringing my car to Klassic Image for years with fantastic outcomes and quality results at a fair market price they’re very passionate about their work. My car has never looked so shiny I didn’t want to replace it. Thanks for saving me thousands from the alternative of buying a new car. Many strangers ask me if I just bought new car I giggle no, I just got it detailed - sure feels like new again! I couldn’t be happier thanks for all your explaining putting my mind at ease about your services, my expectations where surpassed it was well worth the cost. I will gladly do your maintenance to save money…
- Brenda Spakelton / Littleton, CO – sold and purchased a new vehicle

I just had my ’03 911 black/ turbo detailed be Klassic Image and everything they said prior exceeded my expectations. When I walked in to see my car I was absolutely blown away by the results and thoroughness they really mean detail. They don’t take shortcuts and I'm honored to boost about Klassic Images expertise, I’ll will tell others that appreciate quality at a fair price. I can’t wait to have the other cars done as well, they’re masters at what they do it shows.
- Thanks, J. Spears / Denver, CO

What can I say besides “Thank you!” The car looks better than it ever has. You guys did an incredible job, I’ll definitely be back and telling others of my spectacular experience by your shop it ROCKs…………..A picture speaks a thousand words, Thanks !! I’m certainly a believer more so now, even though you showed me your Photo gallery.
- Peter Merril / Vail,CO - sold than moved out of state

Mikel has been taking care of my cars for over seven years. I am still to this day continually amazed by his extreme attention to detail and his willingness to do whatever it takes to do the job right. I am completely confident in saying that there is NO better automobile detailer anywhere that puts the time in and applies their expertise like Klassic Image does, the results leaves me ecstatic consistently - Period.
- B.R. Johnston / Denver, CO Managing Partner of AmCheck ( payroll, HR, Benefits )

Klassic Image got me $13,500 for my ‘72 Lincoln Mark IV with 40k original miles, Mikel told me to ask 16k but with the broker fee I gladly took what was considerably more than I would’ve received had Klassic Image hadn't’ gone the extra mile to guide me. They spent 10 hours fine tuning the entire appearance leaving me in shock at what they accomplished, it was remarkable how sweet it looked, so thought the buyer. Thanks – Klassic Image for the incredible detail unlike any other I've known, a loyal patron.
- J. M / Denver, CO

I brought a 76 Corvette for Klassic Image to revive and so they did bringing me $ 5,000 dollars more than the Blue Book, upon which I used the extra proceeds as a down payment on an ’05 Vette which I really enjoy. What a transformation from my old to the new which couldn’t have happened had Klassic Image hadn’t put there touch to it. Thanks ever so much for creating a wonderful experience before and after for me, I now know what a real professional detail is all about - sincere, gratitude my friend.
- S. Reed / Thornton, CO – 4 year customer

I brought my Lexus SC300 in for a detail just before my three lease was up. Prior to the lease return I was upside down in the red, until Mikel @ Klassic Image did his magic. He’s amazing at what he does as the outcome put us in the black with $500 unexpected dollars in our pocket. We thought we’d be paying, so the detail more than paid for itself so my wife and I went out to celebrate that evening, what a pleasant surprise. Thanks, Klassic Image for your expertise and professionalism, we’ll be back and refer others to you.

I purchased a used ‘86 BMW 535is on a business trip while in Florida and had it shipped back to my home in Washington State. When I got home I called Mikel a long time friend who flew out to attend to my car. After he spent 5.4 hours on the paint I was astonished by the results. I felt as though I had gotten a new paint job I was elated to say the least. So, after six weeks had passed I called Mikel to tell him a stranger offered me $ 4,000 above what I paid for my car WITHOUT a for sale sign, of course I declined. Thanks, Mikel you really know your craft…..!!

After I used Klassic Image for the first time I was hooked by the results they performed, I've been a loyal customer now for 6 years while keeping my cars longer and getting the maximum return it doesn’t get any better. I purchased a new 2005 Nissan Maxima that we owned for a year than sold it for personal reasons. After they put their touch to the car I receive $ 5K above the Blue Book which still was less than a new one – Mike’s company amazes me and they’ve my utmost respect for their talent and support to optimize my resale.

I heard about Klassic Image through a friend and they said there the best around, so I took my car in before I sold it. To my shocking believe I almost had second thoughts about parting with my car but I put an Ad in the paper only to find Klassic Image had created a bidding war against to interested parties. I got top dollar and laughed at the whole process as Mikel’s shop really goes the extra steps to insure excellence a rare thing these days plus the extra dollars I got, ya hoo……….. Thanks, Klassic Image

I have a three year old Jaguar that needed some attention and I have used Klassic Image in the past and was always pleased. Every time I had it done it felt brand new as Mikel and his staff have kept me from turning it in for a newer model. So, during this visit they noticed a problem with the factory paint. Mikel advised me on how to get a sometimes impossible matter resolved by the dealerships which doesn’t like to honor their warranties at times but he was right on what steps to take and they repainted my car and provided me with a loaner. Mikel said few people get as far as I did but I later thanked him for the insight to get this solved. I'm very grateful that there are honest businesses that serve the public with integrity and do a great job regardless of the issue ( nobody has ever given me this level of quality for my money ) it was worth every dollar.

Klassic Image has never disappointed me and I have a variety of cars that range from Classics to nice daily drivers. It’s a pleasure to find such a rare breed in today's business world of discounts pushing many away from quality. To value your patrons shows respect your not a number to them they walk the talk, there’s NO FLUFF as Klassic Image really takes tremendous pride in the entire process. You never feel like you got less in fact on the contrary I usually find my expectations exceeded with delight and the compliments I receive tickle me for the exceptional work they constantly give to me – Thanks for the stellar work , see ya soon!!

What can I say that Klassic Images MO is all about the quality and your satisfaction they don’t take lightly but they do know there craft and are up front about what can or can’t be done. There name really represents the old fashion way of doing things with the highest regard for service, excellence, knowledge and a fair market price for what U get. Nobody spends as much time as they do for what they charge, you’ll be very, very pleased when it’s finished.

Being a woman I've known the owner for nearly ten years and I’ve been so happy each time they get my older BMW dialed into a look that turns heads, people ask me if I bought a new car or got it painted. They’ve always given me honest answers and educated me on the proper way in which to maintain my car I so love with the help of Klassic Image Detailing wonderful service.

Klassic Image has a long track record of excellence which is why I'm so loyal do to their dedication, knowledge, and price ; there results speak louder than words while creating a Win – Win experience. I made $ 2,000 from my last car after they cleaned and shined it up without any struggle it felt great to get that extra cash.

Mikel, owner of Klassic Image, has been doing our cars for over fifteen years and each time he details them I'm shocked at what he does but I've learned a lot from him and his company. He’s enlightened me in the pitfalls of coin car washes and what the harsh elements do if u don’t take preventative measures to protect your investment. Surely, Mikel’s knowledge has served us will and we’re grateful for his efforts to keep us informed, while increasing our profit upon resale, he knows his industry. Thanks, Klassic Image for all your valuable advice, till our next visit – Blessings.

I feel honored to speak my piece about the phenomenal experience I received from Klassic Image, you won’t find anyone who has such passion and willingness to keep you aware of what a professional detail is versus the car wash or dealership. Mike’s in a league of his own he sets the standard others try to follow, I know having been to other shops that don’t even come close to Klassic Images work. It’s an experience you’ll never forget and will tell many like those before me of the “WOW” Factor you had and want to have again, again – trust me it’s not a hype at all. Thanks, Mikel for making me a believer in your work , I'm completely sold you really shoot straight and your Photo’s are spectacular, so is my car…………