Basic Services
Since 1976

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  • Wash - to properly remove grime, tar and other environmental contaminants that diminish the luster of your vehicles appearance throughout the year or prep it for its scheduling makeover ( excessive tar, road paint, sap, etc. cost additional )
  • Engine Cleaning - to remove soot, grime and/or grease that effects the performance of the motor, also help mechanics locate leaks after cleaning to pinpoint problem area
  • Interior Cleaning - including vacuuming, pre-treating the soiled carpets /seats, proper leather cleaning, clean vents, cracks, headliner, door jams, steering wheel, ash trays and windows all vinyl, than take steps to correct stains when possible or odors, re-dye mats, and extraction of soiled upholstery
  • Tree Sap Removal - a necessary step to enhance finish and avoid gumming up the pad which can create swirls or impair the final finish, sometimes it requires an extra step if it crystallizes. A must step before any polishing takes place
  • Specializing In Dark Paint - extra attention is given to entire process which requires additional steps to insure the WOW finish. Failure to take these steps will result in an inferior outcome, we don’t take short cuts
  • Polishing Paint - this process is where we really make our mark, it’s truly about the “Art” or the WOW Factor we mention. Anyone can grab a buffer or buy products but unless you really stamp your name on your work with PRIDE, it means nothing if you can’t back it up or see the difference. So, this is why we spend more time to FINESSE your paint to look like new again, except if it’s a cheap repaint than forget about it. Although, I have color sanded a few Maaco paint jobs but that’s a different story even though it looked great after I was done. A painter knows how to paint but he doesn’t have the same skills and product knowledge as I’ve acquired for the past 3 decades polishing, need I say more? My work speaks for its self with many to testify on my behalf, NOT ARROGANCE but skill. So, when I resurrect someone’s old paint or bump the shine up, everybody’s happy with the epic results. A great polish job is cheaper than a paint job or buying a new car, to have me put my magic on it will win you over with joy, UNLESS the paints to far gone I’d say so.
  • Leather Cleaning and Conditioning - to treat and maintain seats from cracking from our dry climate
  • Fabric Protection - applied to all carpeting or fabric to minimize soiling and prevent staining
  • Wheel Enhancement - we attempt to remove existing brake dust, rust, and magnesium chloride spotting to the best of our ability with numerous products than seal for protection