Special Services
Since 1976

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  • "PDR" Paintless Dent Repair - special tools are used to massage the dents or dings from behind the panels (no dry ice or suction is used, nor is the sheetmetal forcibly pushed out, either). No repainting required.
  • 3M clear film protection a protective clear film that wraps around the front of your car to keep from chipping the paint to avoid repainting it in the future ( it’s custom fit NOT a kit ). Those without this film will depreciate the cars value upon resale
  • Leather Repair/Dyeing - we repair cracks, tears or worn leather than redye the repaired surface afterwards with a special water base dye to match the color, which will not rub off on your clothes
  • Scratch Repair - we assess how deep the scratch than determine the best solution by sanding or finessing the clear coat by subduing or removing when possible without impairing the integrity of the clear-coat finish.
  • Overspray Correction - if a vehicle gets paint overspray that is covering the entire car, we can remove it without impairing the integrity of the paint or damaging the clear-coat ( no harsh chemicals or compounds used ) Epoxy road paint can be the exception if it’s not corrected IMMEDIATELY.
  • Stain and Pet Hair Removal -we have specific products to correct most stains and dog hair can be either a problem or timely to remove (must see first).
  • Removal of Mag Chloride and/or Water Spotting - failure to protect your paint or wheels can cause an irreversible or costly solution depending on the neglect or severity we must see it to determine the cost - It’s still less than the auto body shops.
  • Odor Correction - there are many different odors that require special attention or equipment to resolve the problem. We have many resources to draw from to correct these problems NOT mask it by covering them up with fragrances.
  • Color Sanding - this is a process that requires special skills. In order to prevent making the the clear coat too thin, one must mic the paint or finish to determine the depth or integrity before sanding. What is accomplished is leveling out the clear coat which initially is textured much like the surface of an orange (it's even called "Orange Peel"). This process can be time-consuming depending on several factors, and the outcome will leave you breathless. The finish becomes mirror-like as a result of sanding with special, extremely fine abrasives, to eliminate the distortion caused by the appearance of a bumpy surface. It's not a matter of grinding on the finish, or taking off layers but FINESSING the finish to a high level of excellence for the cones soirée of appearance much like those with antiques, street rods, exotics or classics (or correcting inferior "discount" paint jobs).